Mr. Bala an energetic entrepreneur wished to expand his father's business after completing his education. His father was running a small scale business of selling sanitary cleaning products and Bala wanted to expand it to worldwide. He came through our web site and contacted us regarding the help he required from us. After a brain storming with Easton team he arrived at decision from where to start it with. From the services Easton provided, Bala's business got a name and clear structure. Bala was completely satisfied of the name 'Pistrix' and wanted to concentrate more on branding. Easton delivered its way of branding to bring the products of Pistrix up in the market. Corporate branding, brand identity design, brand expression, sales promotion, marketing collaterals, print media branding and sustainability are the few branding things done to Pistrix.

Feedback from Mr.Bala

Easton is such a wonderful company with highly motivated employees, I can say employees are the strength of Easton. By the time of visiting Easton first, I had no idea reaching the customers with my current position. But then Easton did it in a professional way which I could never forget. My vision is to bring Pistrix as an international brand and I need your full support for that.