Mr. Jeyachandran is the founder of 'Wild Rose' a beauty parlor for women and kids; he wanted to bring up his parlor to successful and ever known beauty parlor in and around K K Nagar region. He has done many kinds of promotional activities to his parlor to bring up in the market, but unfortunately he could not able to do it as he wished. Mr. Jayechandran later got his referral to Easton Media from his well known friend and manager of Indian Overseas Bank. We at Easton thoroughly understood each and every aspect of the business and we studied the behavior, style, culture, tradition, attitude, emotion, value, ethics, academic discipline, psychology, social work and anthropology of people living in that demographics to give a perfection in the business. Because Easton believe in the quality of products and services delivered and their perfection. At present Mr. Jayechandran started a new business alone with this Wild Rose and running both successfully.

Feedback from Mr. Jeyachandran

I would say Easton Media Works is an organization of talented people who believe in quality, perfection and timely delivery. As I am running two businesses I can now identify the cons and pros of it, but previously I could say it was Easton.