Mrs. Maya Devi, a professional had an ambition of opening a Pre-school and Day-care to 2-5 year old children at Ambattur, Chennai. She had a vision to give something more to the children than what all other schools in the city are providing. Our research was based on the psycho-metric analysis and based on the latest research of how children best learn math, science, social, creative arts, physical development and languages. Apart from these researches we enlighten their brand name with our branding services. And now Mazhalai is giving their best and as their name that sounds the nativity of mother tongue, people are considering 'Mazhalai' the best place to put their ward than any other schools and children here are showing a greater output as research methodology was targeted

Feedback from Mrs. Maya Devi

At the onset I like to appreciate the work and co-operation of your team members. In fact many weren't aware of such consultant who does all these. I have given your contacts only with all good words about your company. My wishes for it to grow to big heights