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Branding Services

Rendering A Gamut Of Creative Services

As a digital advertising company, Easton Media Pvt. Ltd. has structured a smart and intelligent module to deliver a spectrum of services ranging over an array of business verticals. With our rich experience and know how, we have created solutions to enrich your presence in the online world and with your target audience.

The team at Easton Media Pvt. Ltd. has encapsulated their services module with highly specialized and creative art directors, expert artists, versatile designers, prolific writers, talented customer support, knowledgeable brand experts, experienced associates, Media and Marketing professionals. We have reached out across horizons to render concepts with competence that has resulted in success besides generating more business.

We have garnered expertise, talent and skill to offer our support and experience with:



We do whatever it takes to create potent brands, nothing more, nothing less. Our truly defining services relates "how we assist clients to establish clarity around the optimum DNA for their band" – what they need to create in term of brand propositions if they are generating the level of brand equity and business success they aspire to achieve.


Graphic Design

We thrive on providing clients with a brand identity that powerfully communicates their proposition to their target market. We wrap the brand in a visual language that is not only distinctive, but also capable of representing the brand as a powerful for storytelling. Brands connect through storytelling and their deeds, and we offer an approach to visual language and design that truly embraces the roles of storytelling.


Web & Mobile

Beautiful, dynamic websites created with interactive contents, video and smooth animation truly engaging web experiences and wow your visitors!

Looking for little more…. We are experience in delivering more complex content to existing client requirements.

Reach a potential massive market and boost your profile or manage your website content whilst you're on the move!

Apps can be existing, valuable, marketing tools and can enable you to promote your business, sell your goods and services and manage your online contents.

Anything is possible with a mobile App!



Not every organization is created with the same integrated thinking combined with 3 years at the fore – front of advertising. It is an impressive service we deliver and one that marks us out from a lot of traditional advertisers.

Our client work directly with producers who understand, how to deliver the whole production process from brief to screen.