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Our Logo Story


Easton logo is very artistically made and it is created with a clear thought in our mind.

The orange circle used to depict the letter ‘ O ’ in our logo signifies a brand rising above the sea of competition, and outshining others. It is also done to express that like the rays of the sun, the light from your brand will reach the farthest corners delivering value.

The sun rising in the east is our main source of energy and provides us with light and warmth. Metaphorically, the sun signifies the light of knowledge that drives away the darkness of ignorance and helps us realize our full potential. Oceans have traditionally commanded a deep sense of wonderment and respect. Parallels are drawn to the ocean to signify abundance and humility.

Easton Media Pvt. Ltd. being a service oriented company, we wanted the logo to convey positive energy and optimism to our clients. We inspire change and as a team, we believe that we will definitely make a lasting impact through all our expert and creative solutions.

Branding - ST Courier

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